What is ARISE?

ARISE is the acronym for Activating Resources and Inspiring Service and Empowerment. It is a way to link together the hundreds of programs and agencies working on child and family issues anti-violence, parenting, illiteracy, education, drug, neighborhood development, youth mentoring, etc. — to produce more resources, more volunteers and more help for the people who need it. ARISE will create a massive community wide movement, supported by people, non-profit groups, the media and individuals, to offer hope and let people know that they can play a personal role in improving their communities. Detroit has had years and years of individual programs and campaigns. And they have produced individual results. What is desperately needed now is an ongoing Hurricane Katrina-like rescue relief effort to address the chronic social ills that plague our community violence, illiteracy, poor parenting, misdirected youth, inferior education and many others. The resources are here to do a much more productive job of solving these problems but we must be united to do it!

If these programs are working on these issues already, why do we need ARISE?

Because each of these individual programs is competing for resources, media exposure and conducting their own marketing strategies and in many cases falling short of their potential.

How will ARISE change that?

ARISE will work as a broker, the connector between the people who need help and the people who want to provide the help. Therefore if a parent or community group needs help in conflict resolution, mentoring and after school programs, ARISE will refer them to the proper programs to help them. All programs will maintain their autonomy.

Aren’t these programs already finding people to help on their own?

Yes, in some cases, but often because of a lack of resources their reach is limited. ARISE will do outreach work on their behalf, extending the reach of their efforts. It will be directly connected to the people who need the service.

What else will ARISE participants get?

ARISE will recruit volunteers and other kinds of help for programs and groups working on children and parent issues. It will also provide marketing and assistance in radio, television and newspaper exposure to give participants a higher community profile. As a result, participants will be better able to serve their target constituencies.

I’m not involved in a community group or service, but I would like to be part of ARISE and find a way to help. What can I do?

Whatever your talent, skill or interest, ARISE will connect you to a group or activity that fits your goals. For instance, a retired school teacher might tutor students in English or math; a retired carpenter might teach carpentry, a computer programmer might teach computer literacy, you might be able to read to a youngster or sponsor a recreation activity through your business group or place of work. Everyone Can Do Something To Make A Difference. That is the message of ARISE.

How will ARISE get the word out?

ARISE will partner with the media for a major campaign promoting ARISE activities and volunteer opportunities. Furthermore, it will use a website, community newsletter and regular television and radio programming. Will ARISE attempt to run my organization or program? No. ARISE is simply meant to be a vehicle, or catalyst, to help many worthwhile programs and efforts do their work better and obtain more community support.

Why does Detroit need ARISE?

Because all of the good work that is being done in Detroit is still falling short of the vast need. There needs to be a way to maximize resources and pull the community together in new way, with a new vision.

How will we know if ARISE works?

We should see a significant increase in volunteer efforts and other resources on behalf of groups working on child and family issues. Furthermore, by branding ARISE in as many households as possible, it will offer Detroiters hope and a way to get involved in an ongoing manner that is not tied to a specific tragedy or event. Over time, some of the troubling issues in our community should diminish.

How long will ARISE last?

The goal of ARISE is to create a permanent structure that is engaged in an ongoing effort across the community to promote greater citizen involvement for the programs that support families and children. It is not mean to be a finite, short-term campaign.

For more information, questions or concerns please email us at info@arisedetroit.org