SPECIAL BANNERS: A three foot by six foot banner customized with the name of your organization.

T-SHIRTS: At least five Neighborhoods Day T shirts for your members and volunteers.

COMMUNITY CLEANUP BAGS:  ARISE Detroit! will provide a select number of 33-gallon cleanup bags.

TRASH BAG PICKUP ASSITANCE: We will work with the City of Detroit to try to arrange for special pickups of bagged trash. This does not apply to dumps and debris that that are not targeted for Neighborhoods Day.

COMMUNITY TOOLBOX:  Participating organizations will receive at least one “community toolbox,” a package of information on city services, after school programs, etc.

RETAIL DISCOUNTS:  Coupons  and discounts from various food and restaurant retailers, or other services, along with community information from participating organizations.

POSTING OF YOUR EVENT: Your event will be posted on the ARISE Detroit! website (, where it can be located by the media and others seeking information on Neighborhoods Day.

PARTNERSHIP WITH ARISE Detroit!  Participating organizations will have an opportunity for partnership with ARISEDetroit! to receive help in recruiting volunteers, marketing of their events to the media, posting of events on ARISEDetroit! website, e-newsletter  and other kinds of support.  As a partner organization, your events will be marketed through the ARISE Detroit! newsletter, which goes to nearly 3,000 organizations and individual subscribers each week.



START EARLY/REGISTER EARLY: The more time you can devote to planning, the better it will be. The registration deadline is July  1, so if you are interested, register on our website,, or by hard copy as soon as possible!

GET YOUR NEIGHBORS INVOVLED/COLLABORATE WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS:  Don’t try to do to much by yourself. Contact your neighbors, churches, community organizations that you have relationships with and ask them to be part of your event.

BUILD IN SUCCESS: If you are trying to attract a certain number of people, why not get a commitment from a church group, social organization or block club to have on of their events – and send their supporters – to your event. That way you have a guaranteed audience in addition to whomever else you might attract.

DO COMMUNITY/MEDIA OUTREACH: If you can, develop flyers and do an email campaign in your neighborhood. Get your information published in local church bulletins. Send press releases about your event to local media. Also send them to ARISEDetroit! so we can help publicize your event.

DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL: If you already have a program or activity that you are already doing each summer or fall, such as feeding the homeless each Saturday, or a back-to-school event just plug that program into Neighborhoods Day.

LARGE OR SMALL IS GOOD:  Don’t feel compelled to have a huge event if it doesn’t fit your budget or resources; Do what works best for you. You can do a neighborhood Lemonade stand if you wish, just something to show you care.

NEED HELP WITH VENDORS?  Each group determines its own vendor procedures, but ARISE Detroit! will assist in identifying vendors if you wish. Call us at 313-921-1955 or email at