15th Annual
Neighborhoods Day Events



1. Organization: Integrity Show Inc.
Contact: Mark Loeb, 734-216-3958
Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 - Sun., Aug. 8
Location: Belle Isle Park
The Belle Isle Art Fair returns with 100 juried artists from Detroit and beyond. Paintings, Sculpture, Jewelry, functional and decorative art. Free admission.
Seeking Volunteers: No

2. Organization: Little Detroit Community Garden
Contact: Loretta Powell: 313-330-2981
Date/Time: Sat. Aug. 7 / 12-1pm
Location: 5051 Montclair,
Event: Working on a Gazebo that will allow an outdoor safe environment for block club meetings and neighborhood events such as inviting the Fire department or experts to teach literacy, gun safety etc. We want to recruit new members and and introduce Mr. Perkins District 4 Deputy Manager.

Seeking Volunteers: No

3. Organization: Mohican Regent Home Owners Association
Contact: George Preston, 313-715-6206

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 10an - 2pm

Location: 14685 Eastburn, Detroit, 48205

Event: We will meet at our Community Garden (14685 Eastburn). This site will be be cleaned and we will designate where groups will go to clean up other sites. Our times will 10:00am-2:00pm

Seeking Volunteers: No

4. Organization: Christian People Pulling Together
Contact: Velina Patterson, 313-727-7757

Location: 4153 Concord,
Detroit, 48207
Event: Our event will entail the following: Community Clean -up and Beautification of a container that will sit at the corner of the block where the ministry is located that will display a positive message to the community. Vendor tables and food station and music from D.J. with encouraging words being delivered from various invited guests.
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

5. Organization: Oka Ohoyo: Mississippian Holistic Healing

Contact: Danielle Hooper, 313-646-0683
Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 12pm
Location: 8901 Clarion,
Detroit, 48213 / Clarion St. & Georgia St.

Event:  "Clean Up for Mama Earth" - we will honor Mama Earth and our community by cleaning up our neighborhood. We will start with a prayer & Indigenous smudging ceremony and then commence the clean-up.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

6. Organization:  North Central Block Club
Contact: Dr. Cheryl Moore, 313-334-0033

Date/Time: TBD
Location: 18600 Jos Campau,
Detroit, 48234
Event: We will be giving away Free Food, Books and Personal Protection Kits.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

7. Organization: University of Life Itself
Contact: Larry Cherry, 773-306-3377
Locations: 108 W. 17th, Chicago, IL, 60628
Event: Audiocast
Seeking Volunteers: No

8. Organization: Emerald Isles CDC
Contact: Gary Gray, 313-929-9980

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 10am - 1pm
Location: We meet at the Jefferson Branch Library - 12350 E. Outer,
Detroit, 48224
Event: Outer Drive East Beautification We will clean Outer Drive East from Mack Ave. to Chandler Park Drive
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

9. Organization: The Greater Lappin Block Club
Contact:  Thomas Lovejoy, 3135956138

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 12-4pm
Location:  14458 Lapping,
Detroit, 48205
Event: Clean up day
Seeking Volunteers: No

10. Organization: Man Power Mentoring, Inc.
Contact: Xzun Bellefant, 13132475002
Date/Time: Aug. 6, 7 & 8 / 9am - 5pm
Location: 5575 Conner, Ste. 201,
Detroit, 48213

Event: Cleaning the block
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

11. Organization: Detroit Association of Women’s Clubs

Contact: Angela Calloway, 313-873-1727

Date/Time: Sat. Aug 7 / 10am - 2pm
Location: 5461 Brush St.,
Detroit, 48202

Event: Paint fence of parking lot, cut grass, 17 fall bulbs, remove clutter from basement, pull weeds, trim bushes, clean windows, sweep& mop interior floors, organize pantry, etc.

Seeking Volunteers: No

12. Organization : HANG OUT WTH JESUS CHRIST 
Contact: Tilda King-Martin, 313-316-3215

Date/Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Event: Looking to do outreach in Grand Rapids and Detroit.
Seeking Volunteers: No

13. Organization: Jude Family Childcare Learning Center
Contact: Choyce Harris, 313-925-8890
Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 9am - 3pm
Location: 9105 Van Dyke,
Detroit, 48213
Event: Family Fun Day games, food and activities. Will pass out resource information and how to apply for childcare and Job Fair for Pre-School Teachers.
Seeking Volunteers: No

14. Organization: Friends of Detroit City Airport
Contact: Beverly Kindle-Walker, 313-618-9749

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 9am - Noon

Location: Colman A. Young International Airport
11499 Conner, Bldg., 2, Detroit, 48213

Event: Beautification and litter patrol in front of the Coleman A Young International.  Airport Airplane flying contest (paper) prizes, refreshments. Info on Aviation Education/Careers.

Seeking Volunteers: No

15. Organization: LaSalle College Park Neighborhood Association

Contact: Tinah Benjamin, 586-496-2331
Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 9am - 5pm

Location: 12016 Nashville, Detroit, 48205

Event Details: Clean up and blight removal

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

16. Organization: 18000 Greeley Street Block Club
Contact: Tomi McCampbell-Blake, 313-671-1943

Date / Time: TBD
Location: Greeley between Nevada and Grixdale, 

Event: In the afternoon children and adults will select an area to clean. We are starting a garden in May, so the children can pick veggies in neighborhood day. We also would like to plant a tree in the neighborhood.

Seeking Volunteers: No

 17. Organization: House St Neighbors
Contact: Sitara McNezer, 313-778-5694

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7, 2021 / 11am - 1pm
Location: House St @ Antwer, Detroit, 48234

Event: We are going to have a neighborhood cleanup. We are going to plant flowers and bushes.

Seeking Volunteers: No

18. Organization : Faith Xperience Church
Contact: Raylonda McClinton, 313-258-2337
Date / Time: Sat., Aug 7 / 9am - 1pm
Location: 2260 Medbury, Detroit 48211
Event: 9am workers arrive sign in, clean up, set up 10am volunteers arrive , sign in and get assignments, 11am -12:30pm Table 1–pass out food, Table 2 book bags, school supplies, Food Truck ( Free food) hot dogs, chips, water 12:30 clean up 1pm dismiss
Seeking Volunteers: No

19. Organization: Chat N’ Chew with Community, Children & Cops

Contact: Verne Brown, 313.737.7857
Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 10am - 2pm

Location: 5555 Conner, Detroit, 48213

Event: Giving away literature about importance of “ Getting Vaccinated "

Seeking Volunteers: No


1. Organization: Demographic Inspirations-Detroit

Contact: Ronald Matten, 586-260-7409

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 9am - 2pm
Location: 15368 Fairfield, Detroit, 48238
Front yard makeover
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

2. Organization:  Art by Docswan
Contact: George Swan, 313-760-8127
Date/Time: Sat., Aug 7 / 10am - 5pm

Location: 18690 Birchcrest Dr., Detroit, 48221

Event: “Art in the Tent” exhibit features all original handcrafted works of art and sculpture. More than 250 items will be on display during the Neighborhood's Day exhibit with a special discount offered to holders of the Arise Detroit member card holders. Exhibit times are from. 10:am through 5 pm. with feature performance by Luther “Badman” Keith.

Seeking Volunteers: No

3. Organization: Paved Way Block Club
Contact: Rev. Cynthia Lowe, 313-934-1790
Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 10am - 2pm
Location: Castleton, 
Detroit, 48227
Event: Cleanup on Castleton , between Schafer and Shirley.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

4. Organization: Washburn Unity Block Club
Contact: Linda Warner, 313-646-3258
Date/Time: Sat., Sat., Aug., 7 / 12on - 5pm
Location: 17176 Washburn,
Detroit, 48221
Event: activities, bouncers and more, free food, face painting
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

5. Organization: National Inspirational Role Models Visionaries (NIRMV)

Contact: Darlene House, 313-778-1550

Date/Time: Sat., Sat., Aug., 7 / Anytime

Location: 18701 Grand River, Detroit, 48223

Event: NIRMV presents Reading Rewards Stay-At-Home Party II. with Amazing American Adventures theme featuring 2021 NIRMV Recommended Reading List Kids Edition Launch. Everyone who responds to flyer invitation gets mailed celebration kit. Kits include age-group-targeted activities, party favors and treats. Then, they can join in the fun at any convenient time on event day. Participation prizes drawings will be held for the three age groups to provide awards after event.

Seeking Volunteers: No

6. Organization: Imperial Royalty LLC

Contact: Kelly McAlpine, 586-350-5082

Date/Time: Sun., May 8 / 8am - 5pm

Location: 13974 Steel, Detroit, 48227

Event: We will do a green energy project that creates electricity and also conserves water. It will start at 8 am and end at 5pm.Seeking Volunteers: Yes

7. Organization: Princeton Street Block Club
Contact: Gwendolyn Knowles, 313-515-0068

Date/Time: Sat. Aug. 7 / 11am - 4pm
Location: 16585 Princeton,
Detroit, 48221

Event: Games, health clinic, music, political/civic leaders, yard sales, U of DM TENN (Campus Kitchen) Appreciation Foodfest

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

8. Organization: Rippling Hope
Contact: Carl Zerwek, 512-704-1230
Date/Time: TBD

Location: 12081 Joy Rd., Detroit, 48228

Event: TBD

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

9. Organization: Citizens with Challenges

Contact: Otis Mathis, 313-213-3871

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 10am - 8pm
Location: 1875 S. Deacon St., Detroit, 48217

Event: DetailsData collection on vacant lots and home to come with a clean-up plan from 10:00 - 5:00 pm. Breaking Bread: 5:30 to 8:00 pm at Kemeny Recreation Center

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

10. Organization: Churchill Block Club

Contact: Leonora Winston, 313-452-6020
Location: 7405 Churchill St., Detroit, 48206

Event: Block party, clean up, health and wellness info-session.
Seeking Volunteers: No

11. Organization: Core City Neighborhoods
Contact: Willie Cambell, 313-894-5983
Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 11am - 3pm
Location: Multiple locations within CCN Area
Event: Clean & landscape yards. Give free clothing to anyone in need. Serve free food at Community Cook out.

Seeking Volunteers: No

12. Organization: Holistic Developmental Community Center

Contact: Jacqueline Holt, 313-460-8778

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 9am - 2pm
Location: 17505 Second Ave., Detroit, 48203

Event: Free Book Bags and School Supplies Free Snacks

Seeking Volunteers: No

13. Organization : Detroit all districts #1#2#3#4#5#6#7 neighborhood association

Contact: Real Coach Garnet Mims, 310-927-1381
Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 7 AM until 9 PM sun up to sundown we are alive and kickN

Location: 16228 Tireman Dr., Detroit, 48228

Event: On that day we are setting up a program where we will do clean up and fun in the sun an event in all the districts in the city of Detroit 123456 and 7...That’s right we’re making history teamwork makes our dream work
Seeking Volunteers: No

12. Organization: Diamonds Inspiring Virtue And Success
Contact: Marjonie Chapman, 248-595-2372
Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 1pm -4pm
Location: 7700 Puritan /  Maggie Lees Community Center, Detroit, 48238

Event: We will be serving in the neighborhood. Boarding houses, cleaning the neighborhood while passing out book bags, school supplies

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

13. Organization: College Park Community Association

Contact: Ethel McTaw, 313-747-8353

Date / Time: 12pm - 4pm
Location: 18673 Winthrop, Detroit, 48235
Event: Gathering at Bale Park Playground located between Margarita near Greenfield. To bring CPCA together.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

14. Organization: Blessed Ground Community Ministries

Contact: Eric Edwards, 313-673-9128
Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 11am - 4pm
Location: 8300 Fenkell, Detroit, 48238

Event: Community Day Community Resources available(Health, Job Search, Financial Literacy,Outreach)

Seeking Volunteers:

15. Organization: St. Mary's Block Club, 
Contact: Ola Claiborne, 313-492-3584
Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7
Location: 15781 St. Mary's ( Block between Pilgrim & Event: Neighborhood meet and greet registration with food, prizes, games, entertainment & neighbor hood proud presentations.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

16. Organization: Force Detroit
Contact: Keith Bennett, 248-320-5315
Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 10a.m.-5 p.m

Location: 2727 Second, Ste. 164, Detroit, 48201

Event: TBD

17. Organization: Spa A Peel studio
Contact: Wanda Bynum, 313-520-7427

Date/Time: Sat. Aug. 7 / 10am-2pm

Event: My staff and I will be picking up trash along the Grand River corridor starting at Evergreen down to Warwick. This will help to clean up a lot of the litter that manages to build up throughout the summer months.

Seeking Volunteers: No

18. Organization: Stoepel Curtis 7 Mile Block Club

Contact: Evelyn House, 313-862-9194

Date / Time: Sat., Aug. 7 / 10am - 3pm
Location: 18287 Stoepel, Detroit, 48227

Event: Sidewalk chalk drawings Rock Painting in Community Garden Stoepel Block Sale at lot on Curtis and Stoepel Meet, Eat & Greet at lot on Curtis and Stoepel Garden Tour and Plant Swap in Community Garden Cleanup, help in neighbor's gardens;

Seeking Volunteers: No