16th Annual
Neighborhoods Day Events



1. Organization: Belle Isle Art Fair
Contact: Mark Loeb, 734-216-3958
Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 6/10am-7pm - Sun., Aug. 7/11am-5pm
Location: Belle Isle Park
The Belle Isle Art Fair returns with 100 juried artists from Detroit and beyond. Paintings, Sculpture, Jewelry, functional and decorative art. Free admission.
Seeking Volunteers: No

2. Organization: Little Detroit Community Garden
Contact: Loretta Powell: 586-205-1165
Date/Time: Sat. Aug. 6 / 11am-3pm
Location: 5051 Montclair,
Event: Garden tour; educational tour of the community garden, storyteller, art, outdoor games, raffle, reader for children, free books and snacks.

Seeking Volunteers: No

3. Organization: Christian People Pulling Together
Contact: Velina Patterson, 313-727-7757

Location: 4153 Concord,
Detroit, 48207
Event: Neighborhood Cleanup
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

4. Organization: The Greater Lappin Community Block Club
Contact:  Thomas Lovejoy, 3135956138

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 6 / 12-4:30pm
Location:  14458 Lappin,
Detroit, 48205
Event: Block Cleaning and garden planning
Seeking Volunteers: No

5. Organization: Detroit Association of Women’s Clubs

Contact: Angela Calloway, 313-873-1727

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 6 / 10am-2pm
Location: 5461 Brush St.,
Detroit, 48202

Event: Neighborhood Cleanup

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

6. Organization : Faith Xperience Church
Contact: Raylonda McClinton, 313-258-2337

Date / Time: Sat., Aug 6 / 11am - 1pm

Location: 2260 Medbury, Detroit 48211
Event: Back to School Bash; School supply giveaway, free book bags, hot food.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

7. Organization: A Drop of Hope
Contact: Tiffany Morrow, 313-673-2171

Date/Time: TBD

Location: Longview St., Detroit, 48213

Event: Cleaning around & boarding up 2-3 abandoned homes next door to senior citizen homes.  And a block clean up on Longview in District 4.  This will allow us to create a Botanical Peace Garden in One of the vacant lots until it's occupied.

Seeking volunteers: No

8.  Organization: Friends of Detroit City Airport
Contact:  Beverly Kindle Walker, 313-618-9749

Location: Coleman A. Young International Detroit City Airport, 11499 Conner, Building No. 2, Detroit, 48213 48205

Time: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Event: Beautification of airport and Conner Creek Greenway;  Fun aviation related activities for youth; Sign up for free plane rides in September.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes


9.  Organization: Mohican Regents Residents Association
Contact:  George Preston,  313-715-6206

Location: 14685 Eastburn, Detroit, 48205

Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m..

Event: Neighborhood Beautification.

Seeking Volunteers: No


10.  Organization: Kingdom Living Ministries
Contact:  Alfredon Hamilton,  313-850-3338

Location: 13509 Gratiot, Detroit, 48205

Time: 11 a.m.-4 p.m..

Event: Neighborhood Beautification, clothing and food supply giveaway..

Seeking Volunteers: Yes


11.  Organization: Manistique Community Treehouse Center
Contact:  Tammy Black,  313-903-0639

Location: 259 Manistique and 244 Philip,  Detroit, 48215,

Time: 11:30 a.m-2:30 p.m..

Event: Gardening Well Being Day Birdwatchers Garden at Philip location; Community garden at Manistique location. Composting, planting, walkway making.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes


1. Organization: Demographic Inspirations-Detroit

Contact: Ronald Matten, 586-260-7409

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 6 / 9am - 4pm
Location: 15368 Fairfield, Detroit, 48238
Beautification and cleanup
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

2. Organization:  Art by Docswan
Contact: George Swan III, 313-760-8127
Date/Time: Sat., Aug 6 / 10am - 2pm

Location: 18690 Birchcrest Dr., Detroit, 48221

Event: Exhibit and sale of custom made wooden sculpture works.

Seeking Volunteers: No

3. Organization: African Town - 48217

Contact: Otis Mathis, 313-213-3171

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 6 / 9am - 8pm
Location: 26400 S. Fort St., Detroit 48217

Event: Southwestern High School Centennial celebration: Partnership to celebrate with community organizations. Southwestern High School Reunion 1922-2022, Southwest Detroit zip code 48217 centennial anniversary and residents.  Is to view the history and view the possibility of the future of zip code 48217.  All school alumnus, former residents and supporter are welcome. 

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

4. Organization: Holistic Developmental Community Center

Contact: Jacqueline Holt, 313-460-8778

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 6 / 10am - 3pm
Location: 17505 Second Ave., Detroit, 48203

Event: School supply giveaway

Seeking Volunteers: No

5. Organization: The Art Zone
Contact: Dr. Shawn Renee Forman, 313-505-3574

Date/Time: Sat., Aug. 6 / 10am-2pm
Location: 7663 Epworth, Detroit, 48204

Event: Clean debris and foliage from surrounding lots, cut grass, and bag debris and foliage for pickup.

Seeking Volunteers: No

6. Organization: Unity Outreach Detroit
Contact: Cynthia Lowe, 313-330-1183
Date/Time: Sat., Sat., Aug. 22 / 10am - 2pm
Location: 811 Oakman Blvd., Detroit, 48221

Event: Neighborhood Cleanup
Seeking Volunteers: Yes

7. Organization: King Street Block Club

Contact: Phillis Judkins, 313-815-1440

Date/Time: Sat., Aug., 6 / 11am-8pm

Location: 276 King St., Detroit, 48202

Event: Community celebration.  Kids games, food, garage sale. Bring your tables and chairs and enjoy.

Seeking Volunteers: No

8.  Organization:  College Park Community Association
Contact: Ethel McTaw, 313-747-8353

Time: Noon-4 p.m.
Location: Arthur  Park, 18659 Harlowe, Detroit, 48235
Event: Neighborhood block party and Meet and Greet; Senior citizen entertainment and games; school supply backpack giveaway.

Seeking volunteers: No


9.  Organization:  Detroit Blight Busters
Contact:  John George, 313-978-7218

Time: 9 am.-4p.m..
Location: 17340 Lahser, Detroit, 48217
Event: TBD

Seeking Volunteers: No

10.  Organization:  Hartwell Block Club
Contact:  Piper Carter, 646-246-1649

Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Location: Empty lot, corner of West Chicago at Hartwell, Detroit, 48228
Event:  Aug. 4,

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

11.  Organization:  Full And Fabulous Global Inc.
Contact:  Sharon Dumas, 313-363-2530

Time: 6 p.m.-9 p.m...
Location: International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, 411 E. Kirby, Detroit, 48202
Event:  Father-Daughter Fashion Ball: Twenty young ladies wearing ball gowns, tiaras and white gloves will be escorted, into the ballroom by fathers and prominent men from the community standing in for fathers missing in action. The dance with the fathers and a fashion show are program highlights.  Tickets are $20 to attend, includes a strolling reception and $10 for LIVESTREAM. (Go to to download the LIVEWAVES app.)

Seeking Volunteers: No

12.  Organization:  LGBT Detroit

Contact:  Curtis Lipscomb, 313-397-2127

Time: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: 20021 Greenfield, Detroit, 48235
Event:  Beautification and Cleanup.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes

13.  Organization:  Greater St. James Fire Baptized Holiness Church Of  God Of The Americas

Contact:  Concetta Lewis, 313-575-0757

Time: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: 3903 18th Street, Detroit, 48208
Event:  1. Clean-up around church area 2. Free School Supplies 3. Free Hot Dogs, Chips, Cookies, Pop Corn and Soft Drinks 4. Free Books 5. Free Bibles 6. Fun Activities for all attending.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes


14.  Organization:  Center For Youth And Urban Development

Contact:  Marsialle Arbuckle, 734-377-0087

Time: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: 15827 Indiana, Detroit, 48238
Event:  Neighborhood Cleanup, barbecue, kids games.

Seeking Volunteers: Yes