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Partner with Us

ARISE Detroit! – founded in 2006 – is the city’s leading nonprofit dedicated to helping all people in all Detroit neighborhoods live better lives. We believe that an active, vibrant community is a critical part of overall wellness. As such, we recognize and value the need that exists for us to work collaboratively with a variety of organizations that can help us leverage the communities we all serve. As part of our efforts and dedication to prevention for all, we invite organizations and other entities to join us as partners.

Building on our legacy of advocating for improvements for dedicated residents, we are highly vested in developing a comprehensive network of partners.

The partnerships formed between interested stakeholders advance our mission and cause to enable our communities to be better equipped and proactive in their overall wellbeign.


  • Broader community engagement at the national and local level

  • Promotion of partner activities and efforts on ARISE Detroit! social media platforms

  • Direct access to mental health policy and advocacy efforts

  • Development of stronger communities through tailored content

  • Exchange of educational and/or relevant resources that will engage target audiences

  • Distribution of information and updates via electronic newsletters and emails

  • Engagement at national and regional events

How To Become A Partner

We are committed to developing a robust network of change and welcome the opportunity to hear about your organization and how we can work together.

Please reach out to Luther Keith, Executive Director, to provide additional information about your organization, activities, and how you would like to partner with us.

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